“We have a team that is high-functioning.  We support and trust one another and we have the confidence to have the conversations we need with each other without fear.” 


SeisWare was a bit of a goldilocks company for me. When I first interviewed here, I had experience working at a large company. That involved a lot of bureaucracy, not a lot of agency or choice on what I worked on, and a feeling of being a faceless part of a very large machine. The people I immediately worked with were great, but my impact always felt somewhat minimal. From there, I went to work at a very small company as part of a team of two developers. I went from having no choice to being able to do pretty much whatever I felt was necessary. It was freeing, and I loved it, but it could also be very lonely. I didn’t always get a ton of support from the structures that are available with a larger team or company.

Then I applied at SeisWare, on a whim. I wasn’t incredibly unhappy with where I was, but the job posting mentioned snacks and had a wit to it that tickled me.

The offices were cool, certainly, and yes, there was a free snack drawer, but the thing that really drew me in was the people. They were intelligent, open, and curious at all times; incredibly relaxed and knowledgeable about the work of software development.

But they didn’t just stop there. The team was constantly learning. They moved to Agile, they continuously worked on improving their communication, their teamwork, and the quality of what they were producing. They made room for me to grow in whichever way I wished, and it was clear that the work I did here could have a pretty large impact on the final product. And it wasn’t just the developers that were keen on growth. It was everyone, from the C-suite to sales and the support department.

That continues today. We have a team that is high-functioning. We support and trust one another and we have the confidence to have the conversations we need with each other without fear. We make sure that everyone has time and budget for self-directed learning, and we continue to train on good teamwork and communication.

Suffice it to say, there’s a reason that I’ve been here for over a decade. The people, the culture, and the impact I make mean a lot to me.



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