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New Data Types

  • Well Zones and Well Zone Attributes.
    • Well Zone Properties dialog added to easily manage Well Zones and Well Zone Attribute data.
      • Zone Properties application now available to effectively create and manage Zone data.
      • Zone Attribute Properties application now available for managing generated Zone Attributes.
      • Advanced Delete capabilities to delete Well Zones and Well Zone Attributes based on names, sources, and owners.
      • Editable source drop downs added to Well Zone Properties.
      • Easily Import and Export Well Zones and Well Zone Attribute data.
      • Deviated display options for Well Zones and Well Zone Attributes.
    • Ribbon display options for Well Zones and Well Zone Attributes on the Basemap that can be mapped with Quick Grid and Contourâ„¢.

Ease of Use Enhancements


  • Save current Basemap view as a geo-rectified .tiff image.
  • Selection Properties now provides Wells to Cache option for selecting specific wells to be sent to the Seismic Viewer cache.
  • Well Zone and Well Zone Attribute data can now be displayed as ribbons on the Basemap.
  • Well Toolbar updated to provide quick access to cross section and well planning tools.
  • Options have been added for displaying Well Zone and Well Zone Attribute data along the deviated well path including thickness scaling.

Export Locations

  • Shape file exports will export all location points from the selected seismic instead of just the limited points only used in the Basemap display.


  • Import Horizons option allows the Project Name to be used as the Line name for loading Landmark format horizons directly onto the specified 3D volume.
  • Raster Log Data Importer dialog allows users to import uncalibrated Raster Logs using depth calibration.


  • Project New has been simplified and replaces Project Attach.
  • Message Server Configuration dialog supports multi-user projects.
  • Project Properties supports single and multi-user projects and allows conversion between the two project types.

Log Editor

  • When saving an edited sonic curve, users will have the option to also generate and save a velocity curve generated from the new sonic curve.

Seismic Viewer

  • Culture intersections (lines) with seismic lines can be displayed in the Seismic Viewer.
  • Color bar to stretches to the full size of the Seismic Viewer.
  • Set user defined annotation increments for posting on the color bar.
  • Line width, color, and style options added for the tracking line.

Well Data Viewer

  • Standardized tool bars for tops, directional surveys, and well zone displays.

Well Properties

  • The Tops Depth Display settings is now saved after closing and re-opening the Well Properties dialog.

Behind the Scenes

  • Multi-user Messaging server added to enable live updates from other users working in Field Development Tool and Geology
  • Unified installer makes all products available with one installation file.
  • Installer technology upgrades.
  • Compiler technology upgrades.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Version 10.1

  • Added new data types (Well Zones, Well Zone Attributes, Rasters, Sources, Variant).
  • Deprecated “ParameterValue” which will switch to “Variant” in the next version.
  • Added access to Roles and the permissions associated with them.
  • Added Project and User utility functions.
  • Replaced the APIServer with utility functions in the Connection class.
  • Removed the EventLog.
  • Updated from 3.5 to 3.7 Python Client package.

The Client allows direct connection to our software platform, providing access to the data stored in your projects. This SDK is included with your Geophysics software license however, it requires an additional (free) developer license to support connections from other clients. If you’re interested in more information or a license for our SDK, please contact us.