Support Success: Inside SeisWare’s Strategy

How SeisWare Built Its Leading Software Support Services   We’ve all been there—a productive day can go sideways quickly when tech issues arise. When you encounter a software or a tech problem, the software support […]

... November 3, 2023 SeisWare Culture, SeisWare Software

Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 5

Challenges in Repurposing Legacy 2D Seismic Data for CCS Value exists in 2D seismic data… even if it looks really bad Repurposing legacy 2D seismic data for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects comes with […]

... October 16, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 3

Bias and uncertainty have affected our decision-making and 2D skills. What will it take to bridge the gap in today’s carbon storage workforce?

... October 2, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 2

2D seismic data has made a comeback in North America due to a strong focus on economic factors and the scale of operations. Price and widespread availability in Canada and North America make 2D an attractive option for exploring large areas.

... September 25, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic & Carbon Storage – Part 1

In this first article with Carbon Alpha, we discuss why 2D seismic went away, why it’s back, and why it is indispensable for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

... September 18, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

SeisWare Supports Global Geoscience Research

From the depths of the Earth to the poles of Mars, SeisWare supports geoscience education and research initiatives.   Research projects often have a limited budget. This may cause researchers to rely on interpretation solutions […]

... September 1, 2023 News, SeisWare Software

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