Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 4

Will 2D be around forever? In part 4 of our series, we explore this question by examining the stages of a CCS project and seismic budgets.

... October 9, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 3

Bias and uncertainty have affected our decision-making and 2D skills. What will it take to bridge the gap in today’s carbon storage workforce?

... October 2, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic and Carbon Storage – Part 2

2D seismic data has made a comeback in North America due to a strong focus on economic factors and the scale of operations. Price and widespread availability in Canada and North America make 2D an attractive option for exploring large areas.

... September 25, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic & Carbon Storage – Part 1

In this first article with Carbon Alpha, we discuss why 2D seismic went away, why it’s back, and why it is indispensable for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

... September 18, 2023 SeisWare Knowledge

Seismic Strategies for Carbon Storage Projects

Seismic Strategies for Carbon Storage Projects This article explores the types of seismic surveys used in various stages of CCS projects, their benefits, and their challenges.   When evaluating and monitoring carbon capture and storage […]

... July 26, 2023 Uncategorized

The Importance of Seismic Data in Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Seismic data support CCS project development from the early site assessment phase through to the ongoing monitoring during operation. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a key strategy to reduce emissions and has gained a […]

... June 19, 2023 Uncategorized

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