This pandemic has been tough on everyone, and it has been especially difficult for non-profits and organizations that need volunteers to help them provide services to those in need.

We wanted to help. So, a few weeks ago, 10 SeisWarians braved the pandemic, rolled up their sleeves and did some volunteering!

Camp Kindle is a haven for children battling cancer. Here, they can take a break from reality and enjoy being kids.  The camp has several outdoor activities for them that include archery, swimming, s’ more making and much more.

SeisWare volunteers were asked to make Camp Kindle even better by helping to create a new activity that incorporates creativity and learning about the plants and wildlife in the area. This activity has kids stopping at different learning stations throughout the camp. At each station, they learn about the various local fauna, then answer questions about the wildlife. If they get the questions right, they get fake currency to purchase items, so they can build and decorate their own animals.

Our SeisWarians got to work painting, hauling away dead trees from walking paths and stabilizing the bleachers, so no kids got hurt.

Working at Camp Kindle provided a nice change from our days spent sitting at a desk. After a long day of working outside, the new activity was ready. Camp Kindle was ready for their next group of kids.

We had such a great time helping out, and we hope all the kids enjoy their new activity! We look forward to volunteering there again. Volunteering is fun, and we appreciate the opportunity to play a small role in such important groups, events and causes.

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