From the depths of the Earth to the poles of Mars, SeisWare supports geoscience education and research initiatives.


Research projects often have a limited budget. This may cause researchers to rely on interpretation solutions that are not widely used in industry like outdated or open-source software. These can have a steep learning curve and take time to implement or require users to learn cumbersome scripts. All of these obstacles can delay important research insights and conclusions. These solutions also put students at a disadvantage if they transition to the professional sector, as their software skills are not current.

SeisWare aims to alleviate these problems. We are dedicated to helping students be prepared for their future geoscience careers. Our academic license program allows students, faculty, and staff to access our software for teaching, learning, and research purposes at special rates.

Benefits to geoscience students and researchers

Academic institutions can benefit from SeisWare licenses at all levels. From training at the undergraduate level to research at the graduate or post-graduate level, SeisWare is a valuable tool for institutions worldwide.


Training the next generation of geoscientists is a valuable endeavor for both SeisWare and academic institutions. Geoscience enrollment is on the decline, yet it will play a crucial role in advancing critical mineral exploration, energy development, and environmental goals. By using SeisWare, students can gain the skills and knowledge they need to enter the workforce and succeed in their careers. Students can learn how to use industry-standard software for seismic interpretation, geological investigation, well planning, and data management. They can apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world data sets and scenarios.

A long-time participant, the University of Alberta, has benefited from SeisWare’s academic license program for some time.

“The impact of SeisWare’s generosity over the years has not only granted budgetary advantages for students but also provided them with early access to industry-standard tools while still in school, giving them an edge when they enter the workforce.” University of Alberta

Accelerated Research

Faculty and staff can use our software to conduct high-quality geoscience research in various domains, such as exploration geophysics, reservoir characterization, structural geology, and planetary science. Researchers can make critical insights faster by using software that is easy to implement and learn. SeisWare’s software environment also provides them with increased opportunities for collaboration.

SeisWare supports approximately 30 academic and research institutions globally and has been used on every continent, except for Antarctica. In addition to being used on Earth, our software is also used for research on Mars! One example of our software in action is PLANEX (Planetary Science and Exploration Program at Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad, India). This multi-institution research initiative examines the structure of the northern polar region on Mars. This is helping us to better understand the planet’s geologic and climate history. By importing Martian radargrams, the images can be interpreted in Geophysics by SeisWare. You can access their latest paper here.

How to qualify for an academic license

We are proud to offer our software licenses to academic facilities as part of our commitment to supporting geoscience education and research. At Seisware we believe that by providing our software tools and capabilities to students, faculty, and staff, we can help them achieve their academic and professional goals. We also hope that by collaborating with academic institutions, we can foster a culture of innovation and excellence in geoscience.

To receive our software licenses for academic purposes, the following criteria must be met:

  • An Accredited academic institution that offers geoscience-related courses or programs can apply.
  • The applicant must provide a valid email address from the academic institution domain.
  • The applicant must agree to use the software only for non-commercial purposes.

The application process is simple and straightforward: To apply for the academic license, send an email to and one of our team members will be in contact to check if your research initiative or academic institution qualifies for an academic license. The final step is that a professor or academic coordinator must sign off.

Are you interested in applying for our academic license program?  We look forward to hearing from you!

Is SeisWare right for you?

SeisWare is a software company that provides innovative solutions for geoscience data analysis and visualization.

  • Our software products include Geophysics by SeisWare, Geology by SeisWare, and Field Development by SeisWare.
  • Our software is user driven. We develop our software with the help of our customers so that it aligns with current industry needs.
  • SeisWare’s applications work together so your multi-disciplinary team can manage data and work together on the same project. It is also easy to export your interpretations, shapefiles, well designs, and presentation-worthy cross-sections to effectively communicate information with your team or research group.



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