SeisWare International, Inc. collaborates with Petro Ninja
Free LAS Viewer Now Available

September 7, 2021

SeisWare International, Inc. (SeisWare) has collaborated with Petro Ninja to create an LAS Viewer providing easy access to more than 200,000 wells. Available through the Petro Ninja website, the LAS Viewer is an interactive, lightweight web application for viewing digital well logs, which members of the public will have access to for September and October, free of charge.

“We are really excited to have one of the leading G&G software companies building on Petro Ninja. This has been a long-asked for project that we are excited to deliver, and we are looking forward to hearing what users think.” – Kevin McCormack, Petro Ninja

Both SeisWare and Petro Ninja understand the increasing need for easily accessible data. The LAS Viewer, several months in the making, came to fruition to fill that need and make existing data more accessible to our industry. With the click of a few buttons, users can find, load, and view well log data, for more than 200,000 wells, almost instantaneously.

“Petro Ninja was designed to be a collaboration platform for asset teams within a company to share data. For us, being able to step into development, and assisting a local company work toward their vision is very rewarding. It’s a project we’re very happy to be a part of.” – Murray Brack, CEO, SeisWare

As mentioned above, Petro Ninja has generously agreed to provide viewing access to this data, for free, from now until the end of October. All that is required of the public is sign up for a free account on the Petro Ninja website.

If you are someone who makes use of this LAS Viewer between now and the end of October, our development team would really appreciate hearing your feedback. We welcome all feedback, in email form, sent to

For more information about Petro Ninja, please visit their website.

For more information about SeisWare’s geological and geophysical interpretation software, please visit our product page.


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