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Expert Tips from SeisWare Support

What turns an ordinary SeisWare user into a power user? Other than experience, knowing what tools exist to simplify everyday tasks is key. To give you a head start, we asked our Support and Product teams what features they love and tips and tricks to make their everyday lives easier. Read on to see what they had to say.

This is the second post in the series. If you missed Part 1, read it here for more helpful tips

Gabriela’s Pick: The Search Bar

What it is: Almost every application in SeisWare software that displays a list has a search bar at the top to help narrow down items in that list.  Use the search bar to easily find what you are looking for.

Why it’s great: Instead of scrolling through lists trying to find items numerically or alphabetically, you can type in even a portion of the item name, and the list is narrowed down. Quickly find specific well properties, culture properties, seismic lines selection in ‘grid and contour’, horizons selection in ‘horizon clear’, formation selection in ‘velocity modeling’… the list goes on!

It’s a time saver for those lists that go on forever and ever.

Amber’s Pick: The Geology Calculator

What it is: The Geology Calculator is a handy tool to run pre-scripted and custom geological and petrophysical calculations, like Net Pay. It can be used with logs, aliases, and zone attributes. The calculator is available in Geology by SeisWare.

Why it’s great: It’s great because you can run multiple calculations in a sequence instead of one at a time. Because of the variety of inputs and the ability to customize calculations, the tool has the potential to do SO many things! It’s also particularly useful for changing log units! You can just search by unit and run a calculation to convert it. Easy!

Ed V’s Pick: Wavelet Analysis

What it is:  You can extract wavelets from a specific location and custom-defined window. It’s old technology but extremely useful. Wavelet Analysis is an option in Geophysics by SeisWare.

Why it’s great: You can extract wavelets from interesting features or facies in your data. You can also output maps that highlight other areas with closely matching wavelets, which helps in exploration.

Ed explains, “I chose wavelet analysis because I love how this came to be as a result of interactions with clients. Also, as a non-geoscientist, I love how one can play with the wavelets to get an understanding of the data. I feel that it is one of the tools that helps to see the forest, not the trees.”


For more tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out Part 1 in our series, and stay tuned for more Secrets of SeisWare!


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