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  • Transfers points seamlessly across various coordinate systems.
  • Provides versatile input and output formats for latitudes and longitudes, such as Decimal Degrees or Degree Minutes Seconds.
  • Allows for smooth conversion between UTM and Latitude Longitude.
  • Supports conversion between different datums, including NAD27 and NAD83.
  • Features a search function for quick access to specific coordinate systems.
  • Includes EPSG codes for each coordinate system for easy reference.
  • Empowers users to customize coordinate systems, adjusting Projection Method, Datum, and Ellipsoid parameters as needed.
  • Offers a wide range of unit selections, including meters, feet, survey foot, and Clarke’s foot.
  • Simplifies the import/export process for projection (.prj) and Well-known Text (.wkt) files.


Coordinate Converter

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