You could buy many interpretation tools, or you could just buy one that has everything you need.

Geophysics is a seismic interpretation solution with all of the tools you need to interpret conventional and unconventional plays in one comprehensive package. Fully scalable, large projects can be shared between asset team members. Better yet, the straightforward interface makes it easy to learn, so time can be spent on achieving results, not fighting your software.

See what our workflow-focused solutions can do for you.

Product Highlights

Regional Analysis

Populate projects with well, log, production, seismic, and cultural data using streamlined import tools, create regional maps, and perform play fairway analysis for targeted exploration and prospect identification.

Synthetic Generation and Calibration

Edit logs to ensure accurate synthetic generation from model and extracted wavelets, stretch and squeeze to calibrate depth data with time seismic, then use cross-correlation analysis to quantitatively evaluate well ties with seismic data.

Mistie Analysis and Resolution

Manually and / or automatically calculate and resolve misties between 2D and 3D seismic, to create a static shift, phase, amplitude, and frequency balanced dataset for improved structural and stratigraphic interpretations.

Structural Interpretation

Using manual and automatic picking tools, interpret horizons and faults to generate complex structural frameworks and quality map and 3D visualization displays.

Attribute and Stratigraphic Analysis

Develop greater understanding of stratigraphic features and determine the extents of anomalies using a full suite of Rock Solid Attributes, comparative wavelet analysis, spectral decomposition, seismic zone and map attributes.

Velocity Modeling and Depth Conversion

Generate and calibrate velocity models using well and seismic data while optionally incorporating inter well control points and compaction to depth convert seismic volumes and interpretation, and dynamically display results in 3D space.

3D Visualization

Display all relevant data in one space to enhance regional understanding, ensure consistent interpretations, perform quality assurance, and create presentation quality output.

Volumetric Calculations

Incorporate depth converted seismic surfaces and attribute distributions with reservoir property grids or constants to determine accurate gross and net pay rock volumes, and recoverable reserves for economic analysis.

Well Planning

Automatically design individual wells in map view based on reservoir structure offset variation or in section based on depth converted seismic attributes.

What Our Users Say

Everything about the workflows just makes sense.

I couldn't be more happy with the software. Everything about the workflows just makes sense. Also, I couldn't be more impressed by the service I have received from SeisWare. Truly impressive and a reflection of the team you work with.

Alex Branda, Petroleum Geologist
Ambrose LLC

I use Geophysics as a home-base for my seismic interpretation projects.

It’s a highly efficient and effective software platform to setup and use, thus making it an ideal tool to integrate geophysical data into an E&P asset team.

Phil Butler, P. Geo

[Geophysics] has proven to be an excellent technology and cost management decision for Husky.

Garry Bilous, Manager of Geophysics
Husky Energy

[SeisWare] continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

EnCana was tasked with migrating geoscientists to a PC based software platform. Geophysics was one of four products we tested as part of the RFP. SeisWare won the contract in July 2004 and continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

Gary Stangl, Group Lead Production & Development, Canadian Plains
EnCana Corporation

I am still impressed by the quality of the product.

After over a dozen years of using Geophysics, I am still impressed by the quality of the product, the speed and efficiency of their help center, and their superior customer service. Five years ago I had to decide which seismic interpretation package to purchase for my company, and I chose SeisWare. I have never regretted that decision.

Ian Shook, VP Geophysics

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