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Geology by SeisWare is a fast and intuitive interpretation tool that enables efficient geological workflows. Our Petrophysical Calculator is a client favorite; create and customize calculations like net pay, assign zone attributes, and more!

Developed with geoscientists Integrated, collaborative software
​​​Geologist-led development.

You’re the expert so we develop our software with your advice and guidance. We’ve shaped our software with client focus groups and user feedback.


Interactive projects.

Our software packages work together so that your team can too! Geology is fully integrated with Geophysics by SeisWare for seamless data integration and fast results without importing and exporting data.

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Your plans move fast – so our software needs to keep up. Geology by SeisWare is intuitive and responsive. You’ll be surprised how fast you can go!

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SeisWare was founded on two principles – great software & great support. Our Support Team is made up of geoscientists that understand your work and want to help.

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Product Highlights

Petrophysical Calculator

Create, customize, and share petrophysical calculations like Net Pay. Use predefined calculations based on Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook. Run multiple calculations in sequence with a variety of inputs like log curves, log curve aliases, zone attributes and previous calculation outputs. Perform aggregate functions such as summations and averages over data and output to a zone or zone attribute.

Tops Picking

Efficiently pick tops using predictive tops picking in single well or multi-well views. Keep your data organized and secure with data ownership and sources used while picking.

Cross Section Interpretation

Are you looking for performance? Our dynamic cross section launches hundreds of wells in just a few seconds, so you can quickly create regional and reservoir scale cross sections, display multiple data types, and use templates. Create and adjust surfaces, on-the-fly, as you interpret.

Cross Plot

Determine lithology and trends, cross plot well and interpretation data or use columnar ascii files. Interactively correlate trends between the cross plot and mapped wells, and view correlations to your log data with the Log Editor.


Create grids from any displayed data in a one step process. Easily edit contours and allow grid updates with any manual changes made. Display and customize postings for any well attribute data and include log signatures on the map.

Raster Logs

Display raster logs alongside digital logs and use both in the top picking workflow. Calibrate any image to attach as a raster log to any existing well in your project.

Log Editing

Display and quickly edit any digital logs in your project.
Customize scales, displays and fills or use templates.

Log Curve Well Zone Attributes

Extract log curve information along well bores. Calculate aggregate functions and output to various data types for map display.

What Our Users Say

20 Years with SeisWare

SeisWare is a very, very intuitive software that has the all capability that I need to perform a geophysical analysis in a very efficient manner. A huge bonus is that the Help desk is very responsive (quick to answer) to questions and extremely knowledgeable

Terry Zwicker
Consulting Geophysicist

Best Software for 2D/3D Seismic Mapping

I have been using this software for more than 15 years. SeisWare is my go-to tool for 2D and 3D seismic mapping and integration of these datasets. There is no other product on the market that can do these tasks as well as SeisWare can. If I have any issues with the software, the support team is fast and responsive and has me sorted in no time.

Chaminda Sandanayake
Sandanayake Consulting Ltd.

Everything about the workflows just makes sense.

I couldn't be more happy with the software. Everything about the workflows just makes sense. Also, I couldn't be more impressed by the service I have received from SeisWare. Truly impressive and a reflection of the team you work with.

Alex Branda
Petroleum Geologist, Ambrose LLC

I use Geophysics as a home-base for my seismic interpretation projects.

It’s a highly efficient and effective software platform to setup and use, thus making it an ideal tool to integrate geophysical data into an E&P asset team.

Phil Butler, P. Geo

SeisWare continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

EnCana was tasked with migrating geoscientists to a PC based software platform. Geophysics was one of four products we tested as part of the RFP. SeisWare won the contract in July 2004 and continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

Gary Stangl
Group Lead Production & Development, Canadian Plains, EnCana Corporation

I am still impressed by the quality of the product.

After over a dozen years of using Geophysics, I am still impressed by the quality of the product, the speed and efficiency of their help center, and their superior customer service. Five years ago I had to decide which seismic interpretation package to purchase for my company, and I chose SeisWare. I have never regretted that decision.

Ian Shook
VP Geophysics

Our Cross Section is here!

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Petrophysical Cacluations in Geology

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