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Planning pads in 2D can be time-consuming and frustrating. Cut your planning time by building field development plans in 3D from the start.

  • Add child wells with ease
  • Test scenarios and adjust plans instantly
  • Want to reuse your pad design? Replicate it for full-field planning


  • Incorporate surface and land constraints into your field plan.
  • Import elevations, roads, pipelines, and land boundaries for a smooth planning process.
  • Use the View-Only tool to directly share your plans.


  • Optimize lateral length within land boundaries
  • Calculate reserves and estimate recoverable resources.
  • Flag drilling issues early on and avoid costly mistakes


Move from field development to field analytics by incorporating geoscience information for a better picture of the subsurface. Import your newly created field plan into Geophysics by SeisWare to extract detailed subsurface information along your proposed well paths for detailed well analytics.

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Product Highlights

Multiwell Pad Templates

After identifying targets, create pad templates, defining the number of wells per pad, spacing of wells, lateral lengths, azimuth, and build and turn rates.

Pad Placement

Iteratively determine the viability of pad placement, integrating land boundary, sub-surface, surface, and infrastructure constraints, and analyzing statistics that include lateral length and heel and toe locations

Full Field Development

Using saved templates, place multiple pads to build a full field scenario to evaluate total hydrocarbon recovery and assess technical and financial risk.

Scenario Analysis

Create multiple development scenarios, computing and displaying statistics for well pads and full fields, to accurately determine the most economically viable and sustainable plan.

Reserves Calculations

Calculate reserves using lateral length statistics to accurately compute probable recoverable resources.

Dynamic Communication

Present dynamic 3D views of pad and field development plans to asset team members and managers as they are being created, providing a comprehensive 3D view of present and future development on any desktop.

Well Planning Viewer - Now Available!

Don’t need to do the planning, but you still want to see the results? If some team members don’t need a license to plan the wells, but they would like to view what if scenarios and evaluate pads and field plans, you can simply purchase our Well Planning Viewer. It’s provided at a much lower cost than a full license, allowing teams to collaborate and make decisions more easily and cost-effectively.

What Our Users Say

20 Years with SeisWare

SeisWare is a very, very intuitive software that has the all capability that I need to perform a geophysical analysis in a very efficient manner. A huge bonus is that the Help desk is very responsive (quick to answer) to questions and extremely knowledgeable

Terry Zwicker
Consulting Geophysicist

Best Software for 2D/3D Seismic Mapping

I have been using this software for more than 15 years. SeisWare is my go-to tool for 2D and 3D seismic mapping and integration of these datasets. There is no other product on the market that can do these tasks as well as SeisWare can. If I have any issues with the software, the support team is fast and responsive and has me sorted in no time.

Chaminda Sandanayake
Sandanayake Consulting Ltd.

Everything about the workflows just makes sense.

I couldn't be more happy with the software. Everything about the workflows just makes sense. Also, I couldn't be more impressed by the service I have received from SeisWare. Truly impressive and a reflection of the team you work with.

Alex Branda
Petroleum Geologist, Ambrose LLC

I use Geophysics as a home-base for my seismic interpretation projects.

It’s a highly efficient and effective software platform to setup and use, thus making it an ideal tool to integrate geophysical data into an E&P asset team.

Phil Butler, P. Geo

SeisWare continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

EnCana was tasked with migrating geoscientists to a PC based software platform. Geophysics was one of four products we tested as part of the RFP. SeisWare won the contract in July 2004 and continues to be the seismic interpretation choice at EnCana.

Gary Stangl
Group Lead Production & Development, Canadian Plains, EnCana Corporation

I am still impressed by the quality of the product.

After over a dozen years of using Geophysics, I am still impressed by the quality of the product, the speed and efficiency of their help center, and their superior customer service. Five years ago I had to decide which seismic interpretation package to purchase for my company, and I chose SeisWare. I have never regretted that decision.

Ian Shook
VP Geophysics

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