No matter what your energy project is, SeisWare can handle your geoscience data challenges. From seismic to well data, SeisWare can bring it together in one convenient project.


Carbon Management Solutions

Carbon Storage Solutions

Balance carbon reduction and energy production through carbon storage. SeisWare’s Geology and Geophysics software allows geoscientists to assess potential storage reservoirs, visualize/analyze monitoring information, and manage different data types (seismic, VSP, well logs, DAS, and more) in one project.

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Download our whitepaper using the form on this page. See how different data types are combined and evaluated using SeisWare software. This paper is published in cooperation with Carbon Management Canada.

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Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal Solutions

Assess properties for geothermal potential using SeisWare’s Geology and Geophysics software and plan well trajectories using Field Development by SeisWare. Manage geoscience data in one project, map reservoirs, and identify geohazards for efficient program development.

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Download Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper “SeisWare Software Tackles Carbon Storage Data Challenges”, published with permission from Carbon Management Canada.

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