Thank you for your interest in our Free Coordinate Converter.

  • Converts full files, not just single points
  • Drag and drop files for conversion
  • Easy to use!

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Why is our tool different than other coordinate converters?

This tool will convert full files. Most tools only convert single points.

  • Calculate position in multiple formats, and convert an entire file between coordinate systems in one go.
  • Convert individual points
  • Full File batch conversion with no size limitations
  • Drag and drop files for conversion
  • Uses PROG.4 Cartographic Projection Library

What are you going to love about this tool?

  • Projects points from one coordinate system to another
  • Multiple input and output formats for Latitudes and Longitudes (Decimal Degrees or Degree Minutes Seconds)
  • Convert between UTM <–> Latitude Longitude
  • Convert between datums (e.g NAD27 <–>NAD83)
  • Search function to easily find the coordinate system you are looking for
  • EPSG codes associated with each coordinate system
  • Create custom coordinate systems with control over every geodetic parameter:
  • Projection Method
  • Datum
  • Ellipsoid
  • 4 different unit selection including meters, feet, survey foot and Clarkes foot
  • Import/Export projection (.prj) and Well-known Text (.wkt) files

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