SeisWare International, Inc. announces collaboration with the CSEG to offer free Interpretation Skills Development Program

Program to benefit CSEG members looking to keep skills sharp

June 28, 2022

SeisWare is pleased to offer its Interpretation Skills Development Program in collaboration with the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG).

The program, which launched at the 2022 GeoConvention in Calgary, Alberta, allows geoscientists to practice geological and geophysical interpretation to maintain and update their skills. This program is open exclusively to members of the CSEG at no cost and will run during the months of July and August 2022.

Ed Chow, VP Business Development at SeisWare International Inc., says, “I think it’s great to work with the CSEG to offer their members the opportunity to learn/hone their software skills. As geoscientists, we know that having many tools in our toolbelts is beneficial. Brushing up on your geophysical interpretation skills or adding petrophysical or more geological interpretation skills can only help CSEG members in the long run.”

Participants can access pre-loaded open-access seismic and geologic datasets on virtual workstations for two days during the program. Workstations are equipped with Geology and Geophysics software.

“It’s imperative that geoscientists keep up to date with advances in interpretation skills and software pertinent to our industries and this is one member benefit that can help do that. The CSEG is grateful to SeisWare for organizing the program and setting it up so members can access the software with ease,” says Kathleen Dorey, CSEG President.

For more information, including how to register, visit

To learn more about SeisWare’s Geology and Geophysics software, please visit


For release 9 a.m. MT, June 28, 2022

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