My name is Stephane Vandal and I am an Account Manager at SeisWare.

I was born in Banff and grew up spending my summers in the mountains; a passion for the earth sciences was just the natural progression for me. So, when I graduated from the University of Calgary, it was to no surprise that I had majored in geology.

Outside of learning about rocks, my time at university uncovered a passion for learning. I love the process of developing new knowledge and skills – it almost doesn’t matter the topic (that’s how I picked up a minor in geophysics). There is no better feeling than going from knowing nothing about a topic, to knowing slightly more about a new and even bigger topic.

During university, I decide to give myself a little challenge and try to do some good for my community by joining the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. I found that army lifestyle suited me and my time with the King’s Own Calgary Regiment has been some of the best of my life.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found SeisWare right after graduating university. I’ve been given the chance to learn about many different aspects of the industry, all while being surrounded by a supportive team who is constantly encouraging me to follow my interests.

Currently, my two favorite hobbies are playing soccer and reading historical fiction. I’ve been playing soccer since I was too young to remember, and I plan to keep playing until I’m too old to remember to stop. I currently play competitively here in Calgary with the club Lads FC and you’ll catch me at every pick-up game I can find!

Thanks for reading! If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, feel free! I look forward to meeting as many new people as I can.


Stephane Vandal
Account Manager


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