Hi, I’m Krista, the Chief Operating Officer at SeisWare. I’m originally from Edmonton, and I’ve worked in the technology industry for most of my career. 

I started my career as an account manager with a software development company, and after working for a few years, I went back to school to study communications and public relations. Armed with this new knowledge, I relocated to Calgary to kick off my communications career. I worked in a couple of different industries, telecommunications and retail food, before I returned to my software roots when I was hired as SeisWare’s marketing and communications coordinator.  

I was eventually promoted to the management team, and as my interest grew in the strategic planning and growth of the company, I was offered so many professional development and learning opportunities. In early 2020, I took on the role of COO, and there’s really no better time to dive into an operations role than during a pandemic. We all had to figure out how to keep the company running from our homes, and thanks to a smart, adaptable and very supportive team, we did it pretty seamlessly.  

When I’m not hanging out at SeisWare, I take full advantage of my vacation time and try to travel somewhere new every year. Some of my adventures are more exciting than others; I’ll never forget a few sleepless nights in the Amazon jungle after finding a tarantula in my bedroom. It gave me a whole new appreciation for living in a cold climate. 

Krista Saunders


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