Hi, my name is Garvin Tarr, and I am the IT manager here at SeisWare.

I’ve been with SeisWare for 12 years now, which is a long time to be at any job. At the office, my team (both of us) is tasked with understanding and maintaining a variety of software, hardware, desktop, network, and server technologies which years of previous experience has prepared me for. I often make the first pot of coffee in the morning as well since I get in early. The continuing challenge of maintaining and upgrading our local infrastructure along with finding opportunities to migrate services to the cloud certainly keeps things interesting at work. We have experienced flooding and blackouts at our Calgary office as well as a dramatic shift to working remotely and managed to do so with very little downtime to our systems and our staff.

I take my work seriously, but I’m also a guy who likes to have fun and joke around a bit. SeisWare is a fun place to work, and the culture allows for a very social atmosphere. The same amazing teamwork which allows us to collaborate on business and technical issues, also shows up when we field a slow-pitch team, volleyball team or go to an escape room. I work with a really great group of people who have interesting and diverse experience and interests.

Outside of work I like to spend time with friends and family. I enjoy getting out to the mountains to ski or hike and play some extremely recreational hockey and slow-pitch. I have taken on a few significant home-improvement projects over the years, the most recent one being a new deck to enjoy our back yard. My real passion is golf, and at the risk of bragging, I am fairly mediocre at the game. Any opportunity to get some physical activity, hangout with friends and enjoy a beer or two afterwards is a pretty good day in my books. Some days, just the beer is enough.

Garvin Tarr
Manager, Information Technology


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