Hey! I’m Gabriela, the newest member of the awesome support team here at SeisWare.

Growing up, my hero was Captain Planet (yes, I still know the theme song by heart and all). Earth fascinated me and I always wanted to learn more about how our amazing planet works and how we can contribute to it. That brought me to the University of Calgary, where I graduated with a degree in Geophysics. After working as a math tutor for a few years, I landed this job at SeisWare.

Starting a new job mid-pandemic is definitely interesting. This is where SeisWare championed their values and made my onboarding super positive. The week before I officially started work, I received a SeisWare welcome box with all the orange and grey themed office goodies delivered to my house. Talk about feeling welcomed and cared for!

I am so fortunate to be working alongside some of the most passionate, creative, and smartest people I’ve met, all gifted with a high dose of humor. It’s a diverse crew at SeisWare and the knowledge and skills people showcase always surprises and motivates me. Working on the support side, I am continually in awe of what the software can accomplish, and the different ways clients utilize it. Every day is a learning experience.

I was born in India, grew up in Singapore, and have been living in Canada for over a decade. So, the question “where are you from?” is a tough one to answer, although I always love talking about the different places I’ve lived in and sharing my experiences. My favorite aspect of each country? India: plethora of diverse cultures, Singapore: endless food adventures, Canada: majestic nature.

I love spending time with my family and friends, catching up over good food and generous laughs. In my spare time, I work on my creative side – trying out new recipes, making art, and recently, working on miniature house models.

Here’s to a great rest of 2021!

Gabriela Mohan
Geoscience Support Specialist


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