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I’m one of the “fixtures” here at SeisWare. Being one of the founders, I’ve been here the whole time. As we all know, over the last 20 years, it has been quite the ride in this industry!

Even before going to University, I had an interest in software development. My first computer was an Atari 800 with a whopping 32 KB of memory. That 32KB was a sweet deal at the time. The system cost about $2300. Ouch. Computer prices haven’t changed!

I graduated way back in 1986 with a BSc in Computer Science. After graduation, I worked at several startup companies. Some came and went, other came and were purchased. These experiences provided me with some loose experience to starting and running a business. Of course, I learned both the good and the bad!

In 1996, Zokero was incorporated to develop what is now known as the SeisWare seismic interpretation system. At that time, Blue Castle provided the support for our product.

In 2009, Zokero and Blue Castle merged to form SeisWare International Inc. I took the CEO role until 2020. At that time, I chose to step back into the more technical role I have today – Product Manager. In this role, I work with the development team to define the priorities for our products with an eye to a longer term. However, not as long term as the CEO role.

I do love technology. I love it more when it works! I find it invigorating and gratifying to work with users to refine interface and usability. It’s an interest process of creativity, learning, and observation. With products and technology changing, going back to review user interface is an important thing to do from time to time.

When I am not working, I have two early teen boys that help to fill my time. We (the boys and I) play video games, develop video games, and ski/snowboard. During the summer months, I enjoy cycling.

I’m also a big fan of traveling to developing countries. The more uncomfortable I am, the better. Putting yourself into those situations are when you learn the most and create the strongest experiences. From that, you have plenty of stories to tell. My boys often tell me I talk too much about those stories!

Ed VanWieren
Product Manager


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