Hi, my name is Ed Chow. I’m one of the co-founders at SeisWare International Inc ( SII ) and the resident Mr. Positivity. I am also 1/2 of the people named Ed at SeisWare.

A geophysicist by education, we started Blue Castle Corp ( BCC ) as a geoscience service and support company. BCC later merged with Zokero Inc to become SII. What kept us going through the inevitable ups and downs associated with Oil and Gas was a drive to build a company that cared about people and valued personal relationships.

I’ve transitioned from front line support, to managing the support team, to building our QA team, and now to building our Business Development team. The common thread through all of that is being able to work closely with people and help them; either by helping solve their problems, or by helping them develop personally and professionally. I like to “blame” our management team for forcing me into taking over the sales team ( I am NOT a sales guy…haha ). In reality, it felt like a fun challenge at the time that would really stretch my boundaries. And our executive wanted to change how we sold, so that it was reflective of who we are.

A common misconception of me is that I’m addicted to exercise. I’m actually addicted to eating…lol. Exercise is just the best way I could find to eat whatever I want and still stay healthy. I also love to travel and will typically travel to places where I love the food. My biggest travel highlight is a safari in Tanzania. Being a sucker for a good deal, I bought our plane tickets before booking the safari. It turned out that the reason the tickets were on sale was because it was rainy season and no one went on safari then! I give kudos to Africa Travel Resource as they booked us into some fantastic locales. We got incredibly lucky as the rain was delayed and the migration was still moving through. We saw some amazing sights with hardly anyone else around. It’s tough to beat having an annoyed leopard leap down from his perch in front of our vehicle and our driver yelling “Close the windows! Close the windows!”

Since I haven’t had any chance to travel in the last 1.5 years, I’ve been spending lots of time with my 5 year old grandson. As with most grandparents, I think my grandson is one of the coolest kids around. There’s something very uplifting about hanging out with someone who gets excited about digging stuff up from an ordinary dirt pile ( Me “What do you think we’ll find?” Grandson “A key?” Me “What kind of key?” Grandson “A key to a portal!” Me “Whooaaa” ).

If we haven’t met, or if we have met and haven’t chatted recently, reach out on LinkedIn. I would love to chat.


Ed Chow
VP Business Development


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