Hey there, I’m Andrew.  

I graduated from University of Calgary in the summer of 2011 with a BSc in Geology and started working with the support team in September. I started my degree in Chemistry and in my second year I took one geology class and instantly knew I needed to swap my major. While working for SeisWare Support I spent a lot of time talking with clients. Helping them solve problems and get the most out of SeisWare was always a very rewarding. From there I have always taken a client centered approach to everything I have done at SeisWare, and I’ve done a lot! Everything from creating and running courses for clients, being a product owner while we transitioned into an agile development model, helping plan and gather requirements for our geology suite, and most recently testing software and being more involved in the development cycle as a Quality Assurance Specialist. 

Even as my roles have changed over the years, I still have a deep connection with Geology and get excited anytime I get to see core, or talk to people about how mountains are built, why rivers are all curvy, or what the coolest time periods are. 

No matter what work I have been doing over the last decade at SeisWare one thing has remained constant, I have always been surrounded by brilliant, engaged, driven people who want to create, support, and sell amazing geoscience software.  

Outside of work I spend all my time with my family and friends. In the summer months that means a lot of camping, gardening. While in the winter there is more time for the nerdy side of things with D&D, Magic the Gathering (I’ve been playing with the same group for over 16 years) and board games.   

Andrew Mooney
Quality Assurance Specialist



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