Meet Allen, Software Developer

Xiang Yu, also known as Allen, joined SeisWare in May 2022 as a Junior Software Developer.

Allen is multi-talented. He holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Calgary. Before joining Seisware, Allen researched image post-processing and 3D modeling of oil sand tailings and polymer blends. He also worked part-time for two years as a software developer intern mainly focused on automated testing and machine learning applications.

After starting his position with the Development team, Allen worked on a maintenance team to get familiar with the codebase. After quickly getting up to speed, he is now part of a new team that develops new data types for SeisWare applications.

Outside of work, Allen enjoys collecting fun and rare items. He collects sneakers, Transformers, Lego, Hot Wheels, game/movie characters (Nintendo, Marvel, etc.), anime figures, and more! He has also developed an appreciation of outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, and basketball.

Allen had this to say about his career at SeisWare so far: “SeisWare is definitely a great place to start my professional career…Now that I’m a SeisWarian, I really appreciate the opportunity to work here. Not only on the professional career side, but also on the personal development side; I am still new, and I can see myself having lots of time and space for future growth.”

Welcome, Allen!



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