Do you need to ramp up your drilling program? Is it time to build upon your field development plan? Do you need a kick-off point for data analytics?

We encourage you to check out our Field Development Tool. It’s a simple, easy and efficient tool that allows you to quickly customize and stamp multi-level well pads throughout your field. Bring in elevation, road, and pipeline information and use the measurement tool to better determine optimal economic pad locations. Easily delete and modify pads to test different scenarios. Tier pads through color-customization and visualize the data in 3D to help with multi-level field plans. Calculate statistics on well laterals on-the-fly and export out as the foundation for your data analytics. In addition, the Field Development Tool can be run as an integrated part of SeisWare or as a stand-alone tool, whichever is your preference.

Ed Chow
VP Business Development


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