Happy Holiday from SeisWare

SeisWare hosted a socially-distant holiday gathering this year. Though it definitely did not look the same as past years, it was a great experience for our team to gather, as a group, for some fun and shenanigans.

Something 2020 has taught our company is that, if we make a consistent effort to communicate with one another, we won’t lose our connections while working remotely. The stories, the inside jokes, the nicknames, the sarcastic comments, the laughter and the good times that help to make this team successful can be maintained through virtual meetings and email chains. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. It is important to each of us at SeisWare that we stay close and connected with one another.

The last time that our team was together in our office, at the same time, was back in March. With the year that’s been, March feels like it was both last week and an entire lifetime ago. This holiday season we’re extremely thankful that through the individual commitment to our collective goals, our team has made it through ten months of remote work, and we are thriving. Joining our virtual holiday gathering served as a reminder of just how far we’ve come this year

SeisWare Holiday Gathering
Photo: A very SeisWare Holiday gathering

We are grateful for each other, for our incredible customers, partners and  everyone who has contributed to pushing our organization forward in 2020. Oh and for health. We are incredibly grateful for health.

From all of us at SeisWare, we’re wishing you a happy holiday season. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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