March 13 & 14, 2020


Our first hackathon last year was such a success, that we’re doing it again this year. We’re going to host it in March this year, so please join us for some problem solving, programming, and FUN!

A two-day event where geoscientists can get together to engage and build something new. Bring a laptop, form new teams, build new relationships, create something, show it off. Create open source projects designed to solve every day problems in your industry. Show off your creations to other industry professionals. Anything you build is your own. Create a tool to make your every day life a little easier.

The topic will beĀ Mapping. Make pretty pictures, leverage machine learning, build something online, the topic is pretty open so make it your own!


Geoscientists. Geoscientists-in-training. Students. Academics. Beginners are definitely welcome. There will be a limit on participants, so sign up quick to reserve your spot. We’ll have some mentors wandering around to help you with your coding.

How Much?

Free! We’ll be providing drinks and food for both days of the event. Especially caffeine.


SeisWare Offices – #900, 940 6 Ave SW


March 13 & 14, 2020.

We’re planning on doing everything bigger and better this year, so that means two full days! Tell your boss/prof that you need to take Friday off for some professional development, so you can spend some time coding. You’ll get more time to brainstorm, hack, eat lunch, drink coffee, and build something cool. Demo presentation will still be at the end of the day on Saturday.

Do I need a team?

Nope! Feel free to show up on your own ready to collaborate and create.

What’s in it for me?

Learn more about programming. Engage with others in solving problems collaboratively. Win prizes! Get swag! Walk away with all of your own code for your own use.

We’ll do our best to have several data sets available. There will be raw data as well as data loaded into SeisWare projects for use with our SDK.


If you have any more questions email Marko at


More details to come.

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