Python Bootcamp – Thursday May 9, 8:30am – 4:30pm – No programming experience required.

At this bootcamp we’ll help people set up their environments and give some instruction on how to program in Python. The day won’t be a comprehensive course, but it should give beginners a foundation to get started, and those with more experience a chance to share some of their knowledge.  We aren’t providing lunch for this event, so please bring your lunch, or there will be a break, so you can go out, if you prefer.


SeisWare Software Development Kit (SDK) – May 10, 12pm-2pm – Some programming experience is required.

We are going to make our SDK and Geophysics (SeisWare) applications available for use during the Hackathon. This is short(ish) lunch and learn session that will introduce you to our SDK.  The SDK is a tool that will allow you to connect to other applications to move data in and out of SeisWare.  You will learn how to install the SDK, connect to a project, and access data within the project.

Please bring your own lunch.

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