On May 10-11, we held our first ever Hackathon. We had no idea what to expect, but we were blown away by what the teams attempted and were able to accomplish.

25 participants arrived on Friday afternoon with varying degrees of preparedness and expectations. We provided a general theme, Automation, and the participants got to work. By the end of the night they had shared their ideas, formed their teams, and were ready to get to work.

On Saturday, after a long day of data exploration, planning, and coding, the teams presented to our three guest judges.

Elaine Honsberger, Husky Energy; Ron Larson, RPS Energy; and Steve Beatty, Lime Consulting, listened, asked questions, and gave feedback to each of the teams. After some deliberation from the judges, three teams were awarded prizes.

Seismic Rockers

Best Use Of Theme: Automation or the I Adhere To Structure Award

Daniel Orduz, Sonia Ponguta, Patrick Lagasca, Paulina Wozniakowska, Elwyn Galloway, Jieyu Zhang

Automatic Clustering of Hydrogeological Elevations for Plotting Groundwater Flow

Using open machine learning tools in Python, the team ran clustering algorithms to group wells to predict groundwater flow. Once the wells had their groupings created, the points were also plotted in 3D visualizations.


Alex Wright, Pedro Martinez, Chris Chalcraft, Geoff Eikerman, Syeda Areeba Ayaz, Mariana Candra, Todd Hustrulid

Automatic Data Conditioning Raw Seismic Gathers

This team looked at raw gathers on a trace by trace basis to automatically deal with bad traces. By looking at different attributes of traces they had a prototype that was able to mute traces that had obvious issues. To automate the different notebooks built by them team, Chris wrote a tool to run the notebooks automatically and sequentially in their own environments.

Here is their presentation.

Your Majesty

Most Creative or the I’ve Never Seen That Before Award

Barry Wilmot, Ben Wilmot, Chris Barton, Shang Huang, Ziguang Su

Automatic Presentation Builder

Building the same Powerpoint over and over is a tedious task that can be a huge time sink for a geoscientist. This team was able to automatically pull photos from folders based on a naming scheme and build a Powerpoint presentation based on a given template.

Netflix and Drill

Audience Favorite or the I Want That Award

Alexander Duxbury, Sean Pasek, Gia Mattu, Neil Gavinchuk, Noel Gore

Automated Dashboards Based on Directional Drilling Data

In the spirit of the team name, it’s hard to pay attention to something for longer than five minutes, so this team built a dashboard for directional drilling data that you can display on your phone. Using plot.ly, they built a dashboard for seeing your data anywhere, anytime.

The Four Tops

Eric Utas, Bruce Moore, Alireza Mardani, Kai Zhuang

Automating Well Picks Based on Log Curve Data

While this team ran into some technical challenges dealing with their data, they had plans to automatically pick horizon tops based on available well log data.

We’d like to thank everyone that helped us have a successful event.  We had no idea what we were doing, so we reached out to a few experts. Matt Hall from Agile Scientific was incredibly generous in sharing his expertise on how to run a hackathon, as was Stephanie Pitts-Noggle, Business Specialist with Champaign.org.  We’re so grateful for the time and resources you shared with us.

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