Geophysical Software Solutions for Independent Geoscientists

In the American oil and gas sector, competition often favors larger companies that can access significant resources to win new contracts and keep their lead in the industry. Smaller companies and independent consultants need practical tools and geophysical software solutions that allow them to conduct their work effectively — and affordably.

There’s good reason for independent professionals to want to compete. Oil and gas is a huge industry in the U.S., with total revenue in 2022 totaling $332.9 billion, outpacing 2021’s total revenue of $211.2 billion, according to Statista

“Cost is a huge issue, but it isn’t the only factor,” says Mike Castele, a geology and geophysics consultant. “When evaluating software solutions, you must consider what each system costs, what it provides, and what support is included.”

Independents and small producers can also benefit from the support and connections available through relevant industry organizations. The right network can increase your access to connections and tools to help you compete with larger producers. 

In this article on geophysical software solutions for independent geoscientists, we’ll explore:

  • Why independent and small oil and gas companies need flexible software solutions
  • Geophysical software solutions and seismic interpretation
  • The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) network
  • How SeisWare supports SIPES members and other independents 

Why independent and small oil and gas companies need flexible software solutions

Identifying and evaluating oil and gas resources to advance field development and drilling is just one part of the industry, but is critical to accurate planning and profitable outcomes. 

There are approximately 9,000 independent oil and natural gas producers in the U.S., according to the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Independent geoscientists must compete in developing potential projects, getting investors, and leading their projects to successful completion. Using a software solution that provides accurate data insights for better planning and collaboration can help meet these demands. 

However, distinct challenges exist for smaller operators. They need to be able to work as effectively and deliver impact like a large company, without spending like one. Small companies and independent consultants are resource-constrained. Budgets and teams can run very lean, especially in the early stages of a project. 

“When problems come up, I’m working alone and need to figure them out,” says Mike. “Having a knowledgeable support team to help work through challenges makes a big difference.”

Inflexible contracts and perpetual licenses can add unnecessary pressure for independent professionals who need robust yet flexible solutions. As goals, projects, and needs change, they need tools that can adapt and evolve with them or at the very least, not leave them with stale or inoperable systems.

Geophysical software solutions and seismic interpretation

When it comes to software, SeisWare’s core products cover a range of seismic and geologic interpretation, as well as field development and well planning solutions. 

Tools like this that offer simple and easy-to-use solutions for independent professionals provide better insights and improved methods of sharing information. Creating accurate and appealing ways to show data with speed and efficiency can help independents move swiftly to create their own competitive advantage. 

For example, the SeisWare software platform allows users to create visually stunning maps that are easy to share with potential investors and key stakeholders. It can also help them work up these projects faster.

“SeisWare performs very well with the recent geophysical side of my work,” says Mike. “I need to be able to integrate seismic data and well data together to characterize the subsurface and to provide maps that can be used for well planning, which it allows me to do seamlessly.” 

Our core products include a seismic interpretation solution, a geologic interpretation solution, and a field development and well pad planning solution, all available through an easy-to-manage subscription model. 

What is the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) network?

For independents and smaller companies, valuable connections and opportunities can also come from joining networks of other industry professionals. Many have joined The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) network to take advantage of these opportunities. 

As the “pre-eminent organization for furthering the professional and business interests of independent practitioners of the earth sciences,” SIPES offers professional support to members in various ways.

SIPES members form an expansive network of oil and gas professionals with deep experience and technical expertise, allowing for the exchange of ideas between members. A built-in referral system helps spark new connections and opportunities for independent producers, prospectors, and investors, while membership benefits help give independents access to valuable resources.

“One of my clients was in a leadership role in SIPES at one point and invited me to join because of the benefits to independents like me,” says Mike, whose business primarily focuses on interpreting seismic data and integrating well logs. 

Joining SIPES led Mike to discover SeisWare’s Geophysics software and to take advantage of the discount SeisWare offers to SIPES members. 

How SeisWare supports SIPES members and other independents

As an independent software company supporting independent geoscientists and consultants in oil and gas, we understand the challenges and constraints you face. Our experience allows us to identify factors that could limit possibilities for smaller companies and contractors, and do our best to mitigate them. 

For example, our subscription model stands out as a way to ease costs and increase flexibility for independent professionals. SIPES members also enjoy a discount on a yearly license for SeisWare’s already affordable geophysical software packages. 

“The cost is pretty reasonable compared to other software packages, even without the discount,” says Mike. “And with the discount, it’s very reasonable.”

SeisWare Inc President, Jeremy Keeler, poses as an elf at a SIPES holiday event in Houston, Texas
SeisWare Inc President, Jeremy Keeler, poses as an elf at a SIPES holiday event in Houston, Texas

SeisWare's Logo appears on a screen in a hall set up for technical presentations. SeisWare is a sponsor.
SeisWare supports events tailored to independents and consultants, like the one shown here in Texas.


We also offer best-in-class support to our customers, ensuring that even small teams and individual operators aren’t left to navigate technical challenges alone. Whether you have a team in place or are operating alone, we’ll ensure you have quick access to the geoscience professionals who make up our support team when needed, as well as training, technical sessions, and webinars for dependable use without disruption.

“The support is unbelievable,” says Mike. “The support team alone would make me want to use SeisWare going forward.”

We’ve built out custom solutions for SIPES members, including: 

  • Geophysics Lite: This cost-effective solution includes all the necessary functionality to complete a basic interpretation workflow.
  • Geology Plus: This solution is our full geology package with basic seismic interpretation to offer you affordable full-project integration.
  • Geoscience Bundle: In this bundle, we’ve combined our full geology and geophysics products into one integrated solution to cover all your needs.

We’d love to share more about how we actively support SIPES members, particularly in Texas. Learn more about how SeisWare expands opportunities for SIPES members with flexible, affordable software solutions.



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