SeisWare International, Inc. collaborates with
The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
Free Interpretation Skills Development Pilot Project to Launch in June 2021

May 6, 2021

SeisWare International, Inc. (SeisWare) has collaborated with the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) on a pilot project to allow the CSPG membership to practice their geologic and geophysical interpretation skills for free. The pilot will run for three months starting at the beginning of June and ending in August 2021. CSPG members can register for a maximum of three sessions before the registration deadline. Each session is for eight hours, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm MST.

“We are extremely happy to be collaborating with the CSPG for this free virtual workstation. This gives us an opportunity to support the CSPG as well as geologists and geophysicists who may be struggling in these turbulent times. As geoscientists ourselves, helping our professional community is extremely important to SeisWare. We have developed strong relationships in our 20+ years of providing software solutions to geoscientists. Our clients are our partners; their growth is our growth. This is our community. We want to help through this time of transition.
Ed Chow, VP Business Development, SeisWare International, Inc.

SeisWare will be providing a virtual workstation installed with both Geology and Geophysics, their geologic and geophysical interpretation programs. Three open-access datasets will be available, as detailed below. During the pilot, CSPG members will be able to access the workstation by registering through the CSPG website.

SeisWare will then handle the logistics of scheduling time on the workstation and providing login details. All members who access the workstation during the pilot will be asked to provide voluntary feedback on their experience to the CSPG.

“One of the biggest barriers to unemployed geoscientists in maintaining their skills between jobs is access to professional software. To help its members overcome this challenge and advance their technical and professional development, the CSPG will collaborate with Calgary-based SeisWare on a 3-month pilot program that will allow CSPG members to get free access to SeisWare’s geological and geophysical interpretation software packages via virtual workstations.  The CSPG will use feedback from the pilot to help gauge member interest in similar skill maintenance opportunities in the future.  We believe this pilot program will add great value to our members, and we would like to thank SeisWare for this opportunity.”
Amy D. Fox, PhD, PGeo, CSPG Education Director-2021

For more information about this project, including how to register for the virtual workstation, please visit the CSPG Website.

For more information about SeisWare’s geological and geophysical interpretation software, please visit our product page.

**Please note – This pilot project is only being made available to current members of the CSPG. If you would like access and are not a CSPG member, please contact their office about how to become a CSPG member.

The Data

The three data sets that will be available on the workstation include:

Teapot Dome Project

The Teapot Dome project uses data from an oilfield in Wyoming, U.S. It includes both 2D and 3D seismic data as well as a full suite of well data (formation tops, logs, rasters). Users can analyze both seismic and well data and even do basic petrophysical analysis to calculate Net Pay using the Geology Calculator. All data is supplied from the U.S. Geological Survey/ Department and provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. Additional information can be found at

BC Montney Project

The project contains geologic data in British Columbia’s popular Montney play. Well data includes formation tops, well logs, zones, and fracture data. This dataset allows users to analyze the Montney by creating regional cross sections and identifying target zones. All data was provided courtesy of Petro Ninja™ (  This project does not have any seismic data.

Moomba Big Lake Project

The Moomba Big Lake dataset is from the Cooper Basin, an onshore basin in South Australia. The project has 2D and 3D seismic that can be used for horizon and fault interpretation. The wells in the area have formation tops and logs loaded so that they can be used for the seismic well tie. A velocity model can be generated for the area to do depth conversion on the seismic. The data has been provided by the State Government of Australia. Additional licensing information can be found at

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