The only thing I wished for when I started with SeisWare, in May of 2020, was an easy transition into my new role. The hopeful optimist in me imagined the transition would be seamless. I would easily fit in with my coworkers, and I wouldn’t have to be the new girl. The realist in me knew that we were still deep in the throes of the spring lockdown and that the COVID 19 pandemic, and working remote, could complicate just about everything if I wasn’t careful.

The transition into my new role wound up being far from seamless and the pandemic definitely played a role in that. Frantic occasions that stand out in my mind include the company-wide staff meeting that I wasn’t invited to (they admitted to forgetting about me!), spending far too much time trying to learn a new Human Resources platform and getting locked out of several accounts because the password security keys were being sent to an incorrect email address. There was most definitely a longer period of adjustment than normal for a new hire, and it took patience on everyone’s behalf as I found my groove.

Luckily for me, while the transition may have been frantic at times, it didn’t take long for my new coworkers to eliminate my fears about fitting in. Within a few hours of starting my new job, they were sharing inside jokes with me, and they even gave me a nickname. They were treating me as though they’d known me for years. This was their way of making me feel welcome, of letting me know that I did not have to worry about fitting it, that they had already accepted me. In those early weeks on the job, their immediate inclusion meant more to me than I ever could have conveyed.

It did not take me long to realize that positive corporate culture is not a goal this company chases, it is a value that SeisWare lives. I’ve officially been a part of the team for nine months, and though my onboarding process was anything but normal, it feels as though I have been a part of this team for years. My coworkers are intelligent, sarcastic, thoughtful, hopeful, and kind individuals who each bring unique value to the company. We appreciate, respect, and genuinely like each other. Each and every person that works for SeisWare shapes the very identity of what SeisWare is.

Hearing the words ‘we’d like to offer you the position’ last spring made me feel as though I’d won some sort of a cosmic lottery. It’s funny though, when I reflect on the year that was 2020, finding a job during a global pandemic wasn’t the greatest gift I received. This team was the greatest gift that I received. I am extremely proud to be a part of this team. Joining SeisWare started a new chapter for my life and my coworkers, my teammates, they have made every moment worthwhile.

As SeisWare plans the next twelve months and beyond, we have a lot of exciting projects in the works, and I’m looking forward to being a small part of everything this team accomplishes.

The sky is the limit.

Victoria Hofferd
Marketing Coordinator


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