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We partner with leading technology platforms and resellers to help geologists and geophysicists at companies and consultancies run efficient projects.

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Petro Ninja

Petro Ninja is a mapping platform for all of Western Canada’s oil and gas data. Use their web platform and mobile app to view public data and/or connect to other datasets and tools (like SeisWare) to streamline your workflows and make informed decisions.

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Sound QI

Sound QI externally connects to all SeisWare software applications, allowing users to select and transfer data from their projects into QI-Pro’s interactive, cross-plotting environment and ensuring easy, on-the-fly interpretation updates between the two products.

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PetroCubic is an online platform that connects skilled experts with oil and gas companies for project-based work. Petrocubic provides remote access to industry-leading software, such as Geophysics and Geology by SeisWare, on a pay-as-you-go basis in the US.

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OilFinders Inc

OilFinders Inc. provides data rooms and short-term SeisWare software rentals in Canada. If you only need SeisWare software for a few hours or days, OilFinders can provide you with a license and the required hardware.

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Mexico & Colombia

GEO Oil Energy

Geo Oil Energy is a Canadian–Colombian international representative lead for Oil & Gas products and services for Geophysics, Geology, Geomatics and Engineering.

Geo Oil Energy has been the official SeisWare reseller for Colombia since 2007.


Main Contact – Sonia Ponguta:
Daniel Navarrete:

Phone: +57-3102623869



Geocoin Global Pvt Limited is a dynamic and innovative firm based in India, specializing in comprehensive solutions in the field of oil and gas exploration, production (E&P), and geological carbon storage (CCS).

Geocoin Global is the official SeisWare reseller for subsurface projects in oil and gas, helium, geothermal, and CCUS in India.


Contact Email:
General Email:
Sales Email:

Phone: +91-1204541161



GeoEnergy is a leading multidisciplinary energy technology firm that offers innovative solutions to the upstream sector, including E&P Digital Transformation, consultancy services, reservoir studies, and software solutions.

GeoEnergy has been the official Seisware representative in Egypt since 2016.


Contact Email:
Sales Email:

Phone:  +2-231-5050-3

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