Over 20 years ago our founders promised to make their company a great place to work… and they haven’t broken their promise. Developing geoscience software solutions is what we do, but it’s not who we are. We are a hard-working team focused on collaboration, empowerment, flexibility, and most of all fun.

We invest in our employees. We grow and develop them and celebrate the achievement of their career goals. While other companies may worry that this leads their people to outgrow them and leave, we prefer to focus on the impact we can make for our people while they are here.

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Our Culture

At SeisWare we truly focus on ensuring our teams are happy. Your individuality matters to us. Our culture is friendly and welcoming to all, regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity.  


We’re leaders in people and products, and we want to ensure everyone we encounter and work with has an excellent experience.  Learn More


Everyone is encouraged to keep learning and develop the skills required to achieve their career goals… and we give you the funds to do it.





Having fun is really important to us. We know you work hard, and there’s no reason you can’t accomplish great things and enjoy yourself at the same time.


It’s important we give back to our community, so everyone is allocated time to volunteer for their favorite causes. In fact, we usually do it as a team.


We are thriving! We continuously monitor employee engagement in 10 areas. Ratings are out of 10.

Image shows key engagement metrics gathered from SeisWare staff in areas like job satisfaction, personal growth, happiness and relationship with manager. Scores are amazing!

Ratings as of June 2023


At SeisWare we truly focus on ensuring our employees are happy. We offer a wide range of benefits to support employees’ well-being, work-life balance, and work experience:

  • Generous vacation and personal days
  • Comprehensive health and dental, and life and disability insurances
  • Wellness & Lifestyle subsidies
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Mental health & well-being programs and support
  • Free office snacks
  • An amazing culture of fun and learning
  • Excellent employment conditions, mentorship, training, and support
  • Annual budget for training/education and resource books
  • A safe environment to give and receive feedback
  • Our Great Employer Committee (GEC) and Office Party Planning Committee (OPPC) keep us engaged with team building and events

What Our Employees Say

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The best part of working at SeisWare is definitely the environment and people I work with. There is a night and day difference working here compared to other companies. Having such a good team dynamic really sets SeisWare apart and truly makes working much more productive and enjoyable.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The people that surround you. The workforce is open-minded, transparent and friendly. Makes work something to look forward to as opposed to dreading it.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The company culture. It's a fun atmosphere and group of people to work with. I also feel that the company cares for everyone’s well-being and personal growth.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

It's a fun place to work. I like feeling empowered in my role, and they really encourage growth and innovation.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

SeisWare promotes a positive and fun work environment and is very team oriented. Monthly company lunches and OPPC events like escape rooms and archery tag are also a bonus!

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

It's loads of fun working with such a chill crew. This seems to apply company-wide and feels like a very rare thing. I'm proud to be here!

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

Wonderful family work life balance.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The people here are awesome. Everyone has a high level of engagement and the excitement shows through. For big issues, staff rally to resolve them.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The people, the flexibility, the work, the social interaction…hard to name just one thing I like about working here.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The focus on teamwork and collaboration. It feels like we are all in it together.

Why do you like working at SeisWare?

The company’s business culture aligns with mine.

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