Evaluating Geology and Seismic Software? 7 Questions to Ask

Learn how to evaluate geological and seismic software packages and choose the best platform to enable workflows and support team collaboration.

... February 20, 2024 SeisWare Software

Seismic and geology software: is it time for a change?

  New technology and tools can offer significant value for your oil and gas company, from increasing productivity to easing employee frustration. Geology software applications are no exception, providing streamlined workflows and heightened capabilities for […]

... January 23, 2024 SeisWare Software

25 Years: Building a Leading Geoscience Software Platform

25 Years: Building a Leading Geoscience Software Platform Twenty-five years ago, partners Ed VanWieren, Murray Brack, and Ed Chow founded SeisWare to develop innovative software supporting geophysicists in the energy industry. While some things have […]

... December 19, 2023 SeisWare Software

Geophysical Software Solutions for Independents

Geophysical Software Solutions for Independent Geoscientists In the American oil and gas sector, competition often favors larger companies that can access significant resources to win new contracts and keep their lead in the industry. Smaller […]

... December 11, 2023 SeisWare Software

Support Success: Inside SeisWare’s Strategy

How SeisWare Built Its Leading Software Support Services   We’ve all been there—a productive day can go sideways quickly when tech issues arise. When you encounter a software or a tech problem, the software support […]

... November 3, 2023 SeisWare Culture, SeisWare Software

SeisWare Supports Global Geoscience Research

From the depths of the Earth to the poles of Mars, SeisWare supports geoscience education and research initiatives.   Research projects often have a limited budget. This may cause researchers to rely on interpretation solutions […]

... September 1, 2023 News, SeisWare Software

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