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Support Success: Inside SeisWare’s Strategy

Published on November 3, 2023

How SeisWare Built Its Leading Software Support Services


A member of SeisWare's Support Team demonstrates geoscience workflows
Image: A member of SeisWare’s Support Team demonstrates geoscience workflows

We’ve all been there—a productive day can go sideways quickly when tech issues arise. When you encounter a software or a tech problem, the software support services team are often the quiet heroes whose swift response gets you back to work fast.

The software solutions you rely on as a geoscientist need to be intuitive, easy to use, and align with your workflows. However, if you’ve ever needed support, you probably already know the people behind the software play just as prominent a role in your success as the tech itself.

As customer expectations rise, customer care is a major focus for the future, according to management consulting firm McKinsey. With a proactive approach to software support services, SeisWare leads in the geoscience industry. When you need our help, you get expert insights and assistance from trained geoscientists who comprise our support team. We’ll dig into whatever your concern is until we’ve got it solved.

“Every month, we plan out a sprint and look at projects we want to take on in our support team,” says Brooke Leaman, Manager of Customer Support at SeisWare. “We provide webinars, presentations, and training to set customers up for as much success as possible, while also promptly responding via phone and email support when they need help.”

In this article on SeisWare’s support services approach, we’ll explore:

  • The role of software support teams (and why they matter)
  • Where software support services teams often fall short
  • How SeisWare has built an optimum customer support team
  • Why in-house support is core to our business

The role of software support teams
(and why they matter)

In a perfect world, software would run smoothly for every customer, every time. But in reality, bugs or obstacles can crop up as you learn to use new tech. Sometimes, you need someone to walk you through using specific functionality, and other times, you may need help troubleshooting a problem.

When there’s more work than you’ll ever get done in a day, that moment you first see an error message in any software is frustrating. Delays while waiting for a support response, especially on busy days, can add extra pressure at the worst times. The way that a support team navigates these issues can nurture or erode your relationship with the company.

Your software also needs to evolve with your business. At SeisWare, how we improve what our software can do often stems from customer feedback. We’re a partner in your success, developing our software for, and occasionally with, customers like you. When the geoscientists using our software have suggestions, we want to hear them. We welcome enhancement requests, and long-time customers have suggested many of the features you see today.

“When customers suggest features they think would be useful, they’ll call support,” says Brooke. “We’ll log an enhancement for them and try to better understand the developments they’d like to see to improve their experience with the software.”

Where software support services teams often fall short

When support doesn’t meet customer expectations, frustration and dissatisfaction can quickly turn the relationship sour. These gaps can occur when support teams can’t respond in a timely manner or connect customers with someone who can immediately start working on a solution.

“We pride ourselves on our swift response times, and there’s often less than a minute wait when you call us. It’s rare for anyone to have to leave a voicemail, and if they do, we always make sure we return that call within the hour,” says Brooke.

Being efficient matters, but so does ensuring the support is fully effective. While our team responds promptly to every contact, we also know that how long it takes us to resolve your issue impacts your work.

Getting to a fast and complete resolution is the most essential aspect of a good customer service experience, according to customers surveyed by Zendesk. One of our main goals is that you have a positive experience with our software every time you use it. If that’s not happening and you need our help, we want to know about it.

“We try to keep our service level at 80%, though we’re often between 80 and 90%,” says Brooke. “That means the majority of the time a customer calls our support department, they get an answer in that first call.”

How SeisWare has built an optimum customer support team

A SeisWare Support Team member demonstrates how to use SeisWare's Geology and Geophysics Software
Image: A SeisWare Support Team member teaches clients about new features

To develop a more proactive approach to support, SeisWare has invested in factors that work together to transform the customer experience. You’re already doing a lot with too few resources, and we won’t add to your overwhelm.

“We regularly conduct surveys to find ways we can improve and to learn from our customers’ feedback,” says Brooke. “We review response times, time to resolution, and overall customer satisfaction. We want to ensure our clients have a good experience, complete their workflows, and remove any frustration.”

Here are a few ways SeisWare has built a uniquely effective support team:

  • Build a support team entirely of geoscientists

Every support team member is a geoscientist who can respond to a support call and immediately offer insight and advice. This depth of experience and knowledge helps the team begin working from the first point of contact to innovative approaches that carry each support request to complete resolution.

  • Keep the support team in-house

In a time when many software companies outsource their support capabilities, SeisWare has chosen to keep its support in-house. Support team members are well-versed in the software’s capabilities and can work together to solve customer issues as efficiently as possible.

  • Hire problem-solvers who care about customers

An effective support team doesn’t simply answer calls and emails. In high-functioning teams, support staff are committed to finding customer solutions because they care about the customer’s experience and success. The SeisWare support team isn’t just knowledgeable. They’re curious and driven to solve issues that come up for customers.

  • Offer training and resources alongside robust support

Rather than simply responding to concerns as they come in, our support team works to provide information to customers in various ways, even before they need it. This commitment to knowledge sharing includes virtual or in-person training and online resources to help get customers off on the right foot or to help customers get the most from the software.

In-house support is core to our business

Keeping our support team in-house helps us dramatically improve customer satisfaction by enabling the team to stay well-connected and informed. It also ensures product development is guided by what customers want and need, so we can help you get more done, more efficiently.

The SeisWare support team is well-connected with other teams, ensuring they have a deep understanding of the software’s functionality. If a problem arises that a support member can’t answer immediately, they’ll chat with the product team, test issues, and talk to whoever they need to ensure they arrive at a solution. In turn, customer feedback is communicated to the sales and product teams to drive continuous improvement.

“Issues don’t get shuffled around here,” says Brooke. “When you call our support team, you reach a SeisWare team member who will take ownership of your concern to get it solved.”

Our software allows you to interpret data to make the best decisions possible in your work. You rely on it, so we make sure you can. Book a demo and experience our support firsthand.

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