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Greg Maidment describes how SeisWare was a natural choice and his team

Deep Sky Saves Time and Lowers Risk with SeisWare

Greg Maidment, VP Subsurface at Deep Sky, describes how SeisWare was a natural choice and how his team's onboarding was fast and painless.

Jen Roney April 30, 2024
0 min read
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Field Development

SeisWare: Geoscience Software Shaped By User Feedback

Learn why user feedback is critical in software development. Plus. find out how SeisWare uses it to develop practical and intuitive geoscience software.

Jen Roney April 26, 2024
4 min read

One tool, endless possibility | Geoscience by SeisWare

Create detailed regional maps, dynamic velocity models, and visualize data in both 2D/3D view, optimize your next drilled well by incorporating all of your sub-surface information in a single platform.

SeisWare March 4, 2024
1 min read