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The SeisWare support team provides many levels of training for the SeisWare seismic interpretation software package. Courses are full day, and all course materials are provided for the student. Course information is listed below.

Foundations for Geophysicists – Part 1

This full day course is designed to provide geophysicists and geoscientists the skills necessary to begin using SeisWare efficiently. It is a hands-on course that introduces you to the key functionality within SeisWare, starting with basic project set-up and navigation, and following up with a basic seismic interpretation workflow, including tying wells and seismic data, picking horizons and faults, creating grids and producing final maps.

Foundations for Geophysicists – Part 2

This full day course is designed for geoscientists who are familiar with SeisWare and will explore some of the advanced functionality to help in interpretation tasks. It is a hands-on course which will cover a wide range of topics to take you beyond the basic interpretation workflows covered in Foundations for Geophysicists Part 1. Topics include the 3D visualization, log editing, cross-sections and time to depth conversion. This course will also cover surface and volume attributes within SeisWare such as Rock Solid Attributes™, spectral decomposition, and wavelet analysis.

Foundations for Technologists

This full day course will equip geophysical geological technologists with the skills necessary to use some basic tools within SeisWare. It is a hands-on course that will teach the user how to create, navigate and manage SeisWare Projects, successfully manage data within projects and move data between projects, display data, and create final plots. This course will allow users to perform a basic interpretation workflow.

Data Loading in SeisWare 

This full day course is designed to equip SeisWare users with the skills necessary to create SeisWare projects, and populate them with data. It is a hands-on course that focuses on importing all data types (SEG-Y, wells, culture, horizons, grids and rasters) and performing quality checks on the data. You will learn how to troubleshoot common data loading issues and how keep projects running optimally by minimizing data loading issues

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