Best support in the industry

SeisWare support is based out of Calgary and Houston, and every team member is a geoscientist.


Waiting time for a phone call

(we don’t need hold music)

16 seconds


Email response time

< 1 hour


% of calls answered first time



% of support staff who are geoscientists


Connected to the Geoscience Community

At SeisWare, our support team is committed to ensuring you have a quality experience with us.

Everyone on our team is a geoscience professional, so they know the industry and understand your issues. You can communicate with us via phone, email, online chat, or if you prefer, access our online Support Center to view our training videos, workflow suggestions, FAQs and user forums.

Our team provides a number of other services too (at no extra cost):

  • Monthly technical sessions at the SeisWare Training Center
  • Remote desktop connectivity for support and training
  • Quarterly newsletter with technical articles, workflow tips and upcoming events
  • Annual user group survey so users can have a say in future development of SeisWare
  • Annual user group meeting so users can provide feedback to us and learn about the future development of the software (based on the user group survey)
  • Adopt-a-Developer program – users can request time with one of our developers to review workflows for efficiency and get an in-depth understanding

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