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We are always honored and grateful to have exceptional geoscientists join us as guest speakers during the SEG Annual Meeting.

This year, they’re sharing their industry knowledge and experience in a number of case study presentations. Join us at Booth 2100, and see their scheduled times and details on our Presentation Page.


John Frederick

Active exploration and development of Permian Minnelusa eolian sandstone reservoirs since the late 1970’s initiated the quest to seek out how best to optimize seismic acquisition techniques, seismic data processing parameters, and integrated geological and geophysical interpretive and visualization techniques to increase successful efforts in locating and developing reserves.

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Physics from Colorado College, John joined Western Geophysical conducting seismic field acquisition operations and seismic data processing.  He later joined McAdams, Roux and Associates in Denver as an exploration geophysicist focused primarily in the Paradox and Powder River Basins. Subsequent to exploration management roles at Ampolex USA, Inc. and Westech Energy Corp, John founded Red Leaf Energy in 2005 to provide geophysical consulting services to the oil and gas industry.

In addition to exploration and development projects in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, John’s journey as a geophysicist has included most Rocky Mountain Basins, Kansas, onshore Gulf Coast Texas, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.


Glenn Winters

Glenn Winters recently retired as the chief geophysicist at Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd. in Midland, Tx, and he’s now consulting in Dallas, TX. He began his career in 1981,working as a staff geophysicist for Texaco in the Permian Basin.

In 1985, he transferred to Texaco’s Denver office, working in special projects and seismic data processing. Winters returned to the company’s Midland office in 1989, where he interpreted seismic data throughout the Permian Basin. He joined Fasken Oil and Ranch in 2002 as a staff geophysicist.

Winters continues to focus on acquiring, processing and interpreting seismic data in the Permian Basin as well as the Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas. He is a former president of the Permian Basin Geophysical Society. Winters has worked on several projects with Bob Hardage and the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas over the past several years, including collecting mode-converted seismic data on Fasken-owned and operated properties.

He has been instrumental in helping companies test new technologies in a known test area on Fasken’s ranch. Some of the technologies Winters has helped introduce in Fasken’s operations are ViaLogy’s QuantumRD®quantum resonance interferometry software, Wave Imaging Technology’s prestack depth migration algorithms, and Gore Industries’ surface geochemical technology. He holds a engineering geology from Purdue University.



Dr. James K. Applegate, SeismicUtensils LLC

Jim Applegate has many years of experience in academia and industry. He was a professor at Boise State University, Colorado School of Mines, University of Adelaide (Australia) and University of Louisiana (Lafayette).

He has worked for major and independent oil companies, consulted and operated as an independent developing his own exploration projects. Most recently he has been Manager/Geophysicist for Applegate Exploration, LLC and CEO for Pegasus Oil & Gas, Inc.

Jim is CEO of SeismicUtensils, LLC. He holds the degrees of Geophysical Engineer, MSc and PhD in geophysical engineering from Colorado School of Mines. He is a registered Professional Geophysicist, Geologist, and Engineer, Certified Petroleum Geologist, and member of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists.

He is an Honorary Member of Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association and Denver Geophysical Society, and an Emeritus Member of both SEG and AAPG.

 Doug Paul Photo

Doug Paul, SeisWare Inc.

Doug Paul received a Hon B.Sc. in Applied Earth Science from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

He worked extensively in the early development of EOR processes with the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority (AOSTRA) providing geologic insight into complex reservoir simulation models. After working in conventional geological exploration and development, Doug moved into technology side of the business with Landmark Graphics in Calgary and Houston specializing in the integration of geophysics and geology. He then cofounded Photon Systems in Houston before returning to Calgary when Photon merged with CogniSeis. In 1997 Doug started a consulting company providing interpretation and data management services to Sable Offshore Energy, Mobil, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Norsk Hydro, primarily focusing on the Canadian east coast offshore. He consulted for SeisWare and joined them full time in 2007 and opened SeisWare’s US office in Houston providing geoscience interpretation software to the American oil and gas industry.

Doug has authored and presented papers at SEG, CSEG, CSPG and numerous regional symposiums and forums in addition to coauthoring papers with clients showcasing applied, integrated technologies. He is member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), HGS, and other regional geoscience societies throughout the US and Canada.


Tom Stander, Trifecta Energy LLC & Orion Geological Consulting

Tom Stander received his BS in Earth Science from the University of Northern Colorado in 1974.  After working for Amoco Production Company as a petroleum geophysicist for two years, he returned to graduate school and earned a MS in Geophysics and Geology from the University of Kansas in 1980.  During graduate school, he worked at the Kansas Geological Survey as a geophysicist in the earthquake laboratory and on shallow seismic reflection projects.  His MS thesis “Structural nature of the Humboldt fault zone in northeast Nemaha County, Kansas” was the first research study at the survey to use modern seismic reflection technology.

In 1981, he formed and managed a geological and geophysical consulting firm – Orion Inc..  Orion, Inc. provided a variety of geological and geophysical services to local Kansas oil and gas operators.  During 1981 through 1986, Orion, Inc participated in the discovery and development of numerous natural gas and oil fields discovered within the Pennsylvanian Cherokee and Mississippian Formations in eastern Kansas.  During this period, Stander managed and operated two natural gas and oil fields.

Since 1986, Stander has provided a wide range of geophysical and geological consulting services.  Services included: an earthquake assessment study for a low-level Radwaste site in Ward Valley, CA.; supervision of the installation of dozens of environmental wells at an environment site in Joplin, MO.; the design and invention of an agricultural irrigation water moisture probe ; and geologic consulting on the exploration and development of a 50 well natural gas field in Kansas.

In 2014, Stander started Trifecta Energy, LLC.  Trifecta Energy is a production company exploring and developing natural gas, helium and oil fields in Kansas.  In 2015, Stander and his partners discovered a new natural gas field found in a paleocave reservoir of the Mississippian Osage formation.

Stander’s professional interest includes: exploration geophysics, petroleum geology of Kansas, computer programming projects in geology and geophysics, and mathematical analysis of geological and geophysical systems.  Stander has served as chapter chairman and treasurer of the Denver SIPES chapter between 2009 to 2015.











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