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SeisWare is pleased to partner with Digital Formation in order to provide clients a more comprehensive solution for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Developed by industry-renowned geoscientist Michael Holmes, Digital Formation brings classic conventional petrophysics and innovative unconventional approaches to the SeisWare platform in an intuitive software offering.

Through the use of the SeisWare Software Development Kit (SDK), data can be read and written directly from the SeisWare project database. Digital Formation also provides Rock Physics functionality and both companies are excited about the further development and integration of this technology.

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SeisWare is a proud reseller of Seismic Utensils, developer of AVO-Detect and AVO Analysis.

Expand your seismic analysis to the prestack AVO domain. In addition to the traditional gradient, intercept, and fluid factor analysis, AVO-Detect also creates lithology and porosity factors. Interactive map, section, cross plot, and 3D visualization allow rapid identification and investigation of anomalies. Results are easily integrated with SeisWare for concurrent analysis with post-stack attributes and display tools.

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