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May 15, 2017


What’s New in SeisWare 9.2

Come see the new features in SeisWare 9.2. The demo will include an overview of the many additions including value-based horizon picking, production data and pie bubbles, well zone attributes, co-kriging in velocity modeling, on-the-fly depth conversion as well as improved stability and performance.





Guest Speaker: Eric Keyser
Production to Prediction

Guest presenter Eric Keyser will demonstrate how to use the new tools in SeisWare 9.2 to better predict the success of your wells. He will correlate production data with amplitudes extracted from production zones along wells bores, to determine which attributes should be used to better predict well production.



Reducing Risks for Horizontal Wells

Discover how the tools in Recon can help you reduce the risks associated with planning and drilling horizontal wells. Track the progress of horizontal wells as they are being drilled, and integrate the data into your interpretation, quickly creating picks and updating surfaces on-the-fly, for accurate reservoir development.


Field Development for Unconventional Shale Plays

Discover how geologic and geophysical integration software seamlessly share data through unconventional workflows including regional production analysis, velocity modeling, integration with engineering data, well property distribution utilizing seismic attributes, horizontal well planning, and dynamic geosteering.




Guest Speaker: Stacy Verbruggen

Rapid Interpretation of a Mannville Channel Play in Southern Alberta

Using the comprehensive suite of tools in Recon our guest presenter, Stacy Verbruggen, will interpret a channel reservoir in the Mannville for development. She will demonstrate how to quickly pick and QC tops on 3D and cross section displays, use inter-well picks to create geologically accurate interpretations, calculate true isochores, and determine channel thicknesses to map and calculate net pay.



Guest Speaker: Darren Kondrat

There is MORE than Wiggles in Synthetic Ties: Using Rock Physics Templates to add Lithology Data to Synthetic Well Ties.

Today’s geophysicist has to do more than just pick wiggles; he needs to help geologists and engineers see the value in seismic. Our guest speaker, Darren Kondrat, has developed a synthetic application that does just that. Taking advantage of the SeisWare SDK toolkit, he will demonstrate how his application uses rock physics templates to create lithology curves to explain the lithology at synthetic well ties, and add meaning to the wiggles!

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