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Software Companies Partner to Provide Explorationists With an Exceptional AVO Solution


Denver, Colorado (August 8, 2016) –  Seismic Utensils, LLC is pleased to announce the signing of a non-exclusive marketing agreement with SeisWare Inc.TM (SI).

Seismic Utensils has developed an affordable AVO tool designed to add functionality and efficiency to existing software workflows.

“As a geoscientist myself, I struggled to find a really good AVO software product.” says Dr. James K. Applegate, founder & CEO of Seismic Utensils. “I needed a solution, so we developed AVO-Detect, a powerful and efficient tool to find AVO anomalies.  Many geoscientists are having similar struggles, so we’ve partnered with SI to offer their users access to the tool as well.”

SeisWare seismic interpretation software is a complete seismic interpretation software package.

“We have a number of users who are looking for an AVO solution, and AVO-Detect is a great product that compliments and integrates with SeisWare software.” says Doug Paul, President of SeisWare Inc. “AVO-Detect writes SeisWare SEG-Y files, and we can immediately attach them in a SeisWare project without going through the loading process.  It’s a really accurate, efficient and affordable tool that provides a great solution for our customers.”

Both AVO-Detect and SeisWare seismic interpretation software are now available.

More information on Seismic Utensils, LLC

Seismic Utensils is a software development company committed to creating affordable, easy-to-use exploration tools that add value to existing software products. Seismic Utensils has developed AVO-Detect, a tool that allows explorationists to find and assess AVO (amplitude versus offset or angle) anomalies in seismic data. Seismic Utensils is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Jim Applegate, 303.725.3755 japplegate@seismicutensils.com

SeisWare Inc.

SeisWare International Inc. is a technology company that develops, markets and supports a full suite of geoscience interpretation software. SeisWare™ seismic interpretation software is a 2D/3D seismic interpretation package, and Recon® is a 3D geological interpretation package featuring advanced Cascade Technology®. SeisWare has offices in Houston and Calgary.
Doug Paul, 713.960.6624 dpaul@seisware.com

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