Want to see a 3D View of What’s Buried Under the Polar Ice Caps of Mars?

Want to see a 3D View of What’s Buried Under the Polar Ice Caps of Mars?

Dr. Nathaniel Putzig and Dr. Fritz Foss have been investigating the polar ice caps on Mars for many years.
The Shallow Radar (SHARAD) sounder on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been observing the Martian poles and other regions since 2006, and an effort to create polar 3-D radar volumes has been underway since 2010.

Using data from the Orbiter, they’ve have built a 3D view of ice covering the north and south poles of the planet, giving researchers a better understanding of how the ice and climate have changed. Scientists found possible impact craters, ice layers that may highlight periods of climate change, and large volumes of frozen carbon dioxide in the south pole’s ice cap.

SeisWare is proud to contribute to this project, as Dr. Putzig and Dr. Foss are using SeisWare software to do their seismic interpretation.

You can view the 3D volumes of SHARAD data on their website.

For more details on their research, Seeker has a great article.

Planum Boreum on Mars' north polar ice cap.

A cutaway view of Planum Boreum at Mars’ north polar cap. The blue and red areas show regions of high and low radar return power, respectively, which corresponds with ice thickness — white is the thickest (NASA/ASI/JPL/FREAQS/PSI/SI/WUSTL)

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